Military 22 Pushup Challenge UNDERWATER

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Back to Origin – New World Record 112m in Skandalopetra

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Videos about the 110m NO LIMIT Record Attempt

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Official Video Clip

Here I present you Rodolfo Robatti´s Video of the 110m NO LIMIT Record Attempt. Enjoy!!!

New German Record -110m NO LIMT

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The Record Attempt on the 20th July 2012 is DONE!!!

Judges were Lotta Ericson from Sweden and Marco Nones from Italy.

The Dive Time was 2:40 min. The Depth -110m ! A new German Record in NO LIMIT (Sea)

Thanks for all the Support!


Two Days Off

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During my two Days Off (18th and 19th July) my Friend Matze Blaul came all the Way from the Robinson Club Soma Bay to support my during my Record Attempt.

On the 19th we drove to Dahab and enjoyed Breakfast there. Afterwards we rented Motorbikes and made our Way to the Blue Hole and enjoyed some Freediving there. We made the Trip from the Bells.

In the evening we made our Way back to Sharm el Sheikh with the Motorbike. After 30km the engine stopped and we were stuck in the middle of the Sinai Mountains. After some waiting, waiting…then talking with the police and the owner of the bike he send someone with spare parts and a other bike.

In total we waited just like two hours in the Desert. If it would´nt been the last day before the record attempt it would have been more funny.

Back in Sharm we were quite tired and I went to bed very early to bed relaxed for the record attempt on the next day.

Last Training before Attempt

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During my Last Training on the 17th July I was very focused. This Training was very important to me because I needed to know that I´m confident enough to go on my target depth for the record attempt. Again warum up was good and I did hangs with a dive time of 3:44 min.

I was a bit afraid my ears would not work with me but they were fine during the first two sled dives.

Then I went down for the 110m. Position, Relaxation and Equalisation all were good. Down at 110m I enjoyed the look at the bottom for a few seconds and then I inflated the ballon.

The Last Training went Perfect! And I have two days off before the record attempt.

Tomorow Matze from Robinson Club will arrive to support me on the attempt.

Unlucky Equalisation

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On the 16th July I aimed for a 120m Dive. Warm up was good but somehow the equalisation was not working as it should.

In the beginning of the dives I could manage to keep the equalisation up but I had to use more power and pressure than usual.

In around 106m Depth I activated the brake cause the equalisation was not working anymore. A few second I tryed but nothing was working.

When I activeted the valve of the tank most of the air was not going into the ballon. It was going just out of the valve. But after a few seconds the ballon started to lift me up. No Problem. Otherwise I would have activated the second tank.

A bit disapointed I was after that dive cause I aimed so much on the 120m…well somehow somewhere I will manage to do that.


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On Sunday  15th July I was set on Day Off so beside relaxing there is nothing to report :-)

Deeper and Deeper

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On the 14th July I felt very good and strong. During the day must of the Time I relaxed and then I went to Training.

The warm up dives and the the preparation dives with 60m and 80m felt very good.

Then I aimed for around 116m. The dive itself felt very good and the equalisation went good aswell. Down at the bottom I took a look at the bottom below me.

The ride back to the surface was quite fast. Now after each Dive I focus on the surface protocol towards the Judge.

Afterwards I was very happy that I could manage a 116m Dive :-)

Target Depth 111m

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Yesterday (13th July) when I went into the water for Training I thought well, let´s do it anyways. My ears were not 100% clear but equalisation was okay I would say.

During my warm up dives on the line I did some 3 Minute Dives and they felt relaxing. On the other rope William Winram just finished his Training and we had a small chat.

As usual the sled diving started with 60m then 80m. On the first 80m I did a mistake with my mouthfill. Well I managed to do the 80m but the equalisation  way was crap.So I did the 80m Dive again and all worked fine.

Then there was the Time for my new Target Depth. I went on the sled, put on my lanyard…the googles…the noseclip. Marco started the 2 min. countdown and I started my breath up. After my last breath I gave Marco the signal the release the sled and I went into the BIG Blue Abyss. In 20m my computer gave me the signal for charging the mouthfill. I really enjoyed the ride and Moments after I was at a Depth of 111m. I opend my eyes and it was dark…dark Blue. I gave a OK signal in the camera and opend the valve so my ballon was getting inflated. The Visibility was good and I saw the bottom of the ocean for some precious moments. In 20m I realesed the sled and went on my own to the surface. I was sooo happy. Then I grabed the oxygen and did a couple of minutes decompression just for safety reasons. I was wondering where my girl was? She saw a shark and went back to shore and waited there for me :-) Later she identifyed it as a nice little whale shark about 5m Big.Now she knows that this kind of shark eats just plankton.

It was a very nice Training.After connection the computer to my laptop it even sayed 112,1m :-). The Record Attempt is scheduled for the 20th July